ApplinSkinner expands into new premises

After a sustained period of growth, ApplinSkinner finally ‘graduated’ from the wonderful Whitespace Norwich and moved into our own space on Muspole Street. For those unfamiliar with Whitespace, it’s a collaborative work area based in the historic St. James’ Mill.

Whitespace provided the perfect growth catalyst for a micro-business with excellent facilities and the chance to network with companies such as Clark St. James, AxonVibe, Thyngs, Ubisend and Naked Element. In our three years we went from a team of 2 and expanded to a team of 13. The stability that being able to scale and grow the business at our own pace was incredibly important and demonstrates that initiatives like Whitespace really work to help local startups.

We are now part of the St Mary’s & St George’s collective in Muspole Street. The Architekton group are working on an amazing regeneration project that is going to transform the Colgate through St Mary’s Works area and we very much look forward to being part of that journey.

The new premises has given us more space to grow and the flexibility to offer other benefits to our staff, such as being joined at work by the rest of their family and explore some of the more questionable taste in staff music.

Most important bit last, our new address is : ApplinSkinner, Seymour House, 30-34 Muspole Street, Norwich, NR3 1DJ and you can still get hold of us on 01603 957068

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