ApplinSkinner team expands with hire of Kiera Lavington

Admissions first. Kiera actually joined at all the way back in January and has been ‘quietly’ integrating with the ApplinSkinner team and our clients wonderfully ever since. Rather than announce her appointment immediately, I thought it would be nice to wait a couple of months so we could (hopefully) praise the work she had been doing in the meantime. I’m happy to say that we’re very much in a position to do that now.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting Kiera, she has taken a central role at ApplinSkinner as our digital marketing manager. Kiera’s remit is to ensure the direct implementation of client marketing strategies and help shape our processes ‘on the frontline’.

Kiera comes from a 6 year digital marketing pedigree having held her longest tenure at Crafted, where she kick-started her development as a very talented technical SEO. It’s not common to have candidates casually mention how they deployed the JSON-LD via Google Tag Manager without breaking eye contact during an interview.

With ApplinSkinner’s modest team of 12, it’s very important that we make the right hiring decisions not just in terms of skill, but culture-fit. Kiera has already proven her value to our clients, proactively working with our in-house development and design team to bring some new solutions to the fore in record time.

In addition to all of the great work, she’s been a great social influence getting the whole office to participate regularly at the local pool hall. I can only apologise for our collective performance.

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