ApplinSkinner team up with Jarrold Training for NatWest event

Most businesses are aware they need to ‘do’ digital marketing, but one of the main challenges for leadership teams is making sure they’re aware of the full landscape of opportunity that’s open to them.

ApplinSkinner were proud to partner with Jarrold Training last month to deliver a Search Marketing Masterclass to NatWest business customers at their base in Cambridge.

What did you miss? The 2 hour workshop covered:

How search engines work:

A session covering the history of search engines, how their algorithms have evolved and how to align your business interests with Google.

This session was aimed at giving delegates a broad understanding of search engines, giving them the foundations of knowledge that will serve them well into the future, rather than ‘what works today’

Technology and user behaviour:

A dive into current usage trends and looking at areas where technology is influencing user behaviour and where behaviour patterns are having technology form around them.

By understanding these trends, we introduced delegates to a ‘hub and spoke’ digital model, demonstrating how it’s possible to open up your digital business over many platforms.


The role that Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Personal Assistants are likely to take on with both consumers and businesses over the next 5 years.

The final session aimed at helping delegates form their longer term strategic thoughts about digital marketing. How will Intelligent Personal Assistants remove customers from the traditional sales funnel and what can we do to adapt?

I was amazed by some of the information gained and it has given me lots of tips to use for our own business.

Carol Palmer

We were delighted to receive a vibrant Q&A session after the event and some excellent feedback. Digital marketing training is something we’ve seen an increased demand for as businesses position themselves with more in-house digital resource. Quite often, in-house teams don’t have the time to test out new tactics and techniques themselves and run the risk of going down a linear marketing path with diminishing returns.

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