2023 in SEO and 2024 SEO predictions with Crystal Carter, Arnout Hellemans and Bibi the Link Builder

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Show notes

It's episode 100 of season so, to celebrate, we've got three amazing guests on this episode!

The brilliant trio of ⁠Crystal Carter⁠, ⁠Arnout Hellemans⁠ and ⁠Bibi The Link Builder⁠ join ⁠Jack Chambers-Ward⁠ to form Team Stroopwafel and discuss the SEO highlights of 2023 and SEO predictions for 2024!

The topics discussed include:

  • The best uses of ChatGPT and AI
  • Bing AI
  • The future of SGE
  • How many Google updates will there be in 2024?
  • Will Google update E-E-A-T?
  • Is UGC on SERPs here to stay?

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