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A digital agency that believes in the power of open minds and frank discussion. Together, we will make you the first choice for your customers.


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We’ve invested in hiring and cultivating the very best experts in their respective fields. It is our belief that digital agency isn‘t just ‘an extra pair of hands’ and we're geared up to offer you the insight, analysis and implementation that can truly benefit your business.

About Us

We moved to Candour having been with 3-4 other digital agencies over the past few years. We couldn't be happier that we made the move!

Lizzy Dring, Marketing Manager, RAE


Search with Candour - Episode 69
Episode 69:, indexing low quality pages and the rich results tool

In this episode, you will hear Mark Williams-Cook talking about the Google expiring: Why expiring domains are hugely valuable for SEO and how you...

Search with Candour - Episode 68
Episode 68 - SEO site audits and Sitebulb with Patrick Hathaway

In this episode, you will hear Mark Williams-Cook talking to Patrick Hathaway, director at Sitebulb about SEO site audits, technical SEO and what is to come...

How to identify fake Display traffic & leads in Google Analytics

Step by step guide on how to detect fake and low-quality clicks on the Google Display Network with Google Analytics.

Trainees outside The Feed Cafe
Supporting The Feed’s work in the community when it needs it most

The team at The Feed have been working harder than ever in response to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted that they have been able...

SearchNorwich is a free meetup for anyone interested in search marketing, whether you’re brand new to search marketing or a seasoned agency/in-house practitioner, you’ll find something at one of our accessible, expert “share not sell” talks and inclusive networking.

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