Roll up - Networking and board games in Norwich

Networking can be intimidating. A big room with a bunch of people you don't know, all here to look to further their business, how exactly do you start the conversion apart from, "So.. What do you do?"

If you feel this way, you're not alone. Tom Haczewski from The User Story, a user experience agency based in Norwich, recently started the "Roll Up" networking and board games meet up.

For the bargain price of five pounds, you'll get an evening of drinks, food and fun exploring the exciting world of tabletop games - but best of all, you won't have that pressure of thinking of things to talk about, you'll just be having fun!

There's multiple games to choose from and this month, the Candour team will be hosting a game of, "Search History - The Party Game of Surprising Searches", which couldn't be more apt with a large part of our business being an SEO agency!

If you've been watching our Instagram, you would have seen us post some stories of the cards that show common searches that happen in Google. The game is essentially around guessing what 'Google Suggest' brings up when you start typing a search query. It's about putting yourself into the collective consciousness of humanity and realising the big questions, such as, "Can horses grow mustaches?"

The next Roll Up is on 1st November at St. Georges Works and we'd love to see you there, play some games with you and get to know our team.

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