Mark Williams-Cook

SEO Director

Mark Williams-Cook, looking sultry with the summer sun bouncing of his freshly shaved head

With experience from working with clients such as Expedia, SEMrush and FatFace, Mark leads the SEO agency side of the business, empowering the team to produce excellent results for clients.

Mark has built a great reputation within the SEO community for in-person and online digital marketing training while running our very own Search with Candour podcast, to help other businesses stay up to date with SEO and PPC.

While trying to avoid repetition as much as possible, Mark has led the development of tools such as and Candour's AardvarkSEO plugin for Statamic.

When he does find time away from the screen, he can often be found in field somewhere in Norfolk with our resident Wellbeing Facilitator (and Huskey/Staffie cross) Snoop.

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