Our team

Our in-house team is comprised of a wide array of talent from backgrounds in digital media and design. Each team member is highly specialised in their field, bringing their unique insight to any given project. This helps greatly in understanding our clients’ needs and how to both meet and exceed them.

John Skinner

Creative Director

Mark Williams-Cook

Marketing Director

Jessica Seymour

Head of Strategy

India Bobby

Project Manager

Sevi Marshall

Project Manager

Andrew Haine

Lead Developer

Jess Firth

Senior Account Manager

Helena Lawrence

Account Manager

Jack Wakefield


Annette Ireson

Senior Digital Designer

Mark Salisbury

Senior Designer

Brendan Bennett

Head of Marketing

Tabby Farrar

Senior Digital PR Lead

Kristiana Sizinceva


Jack Chambers-Ward

SEO Specialist

Luke Guy

Search Specialist

Lauren Catchpole

Search Specialist

Emma-Jane Stogdon

Content Specialist

Tom Spencer-Livingston

SEO Specialist

Alex Townsend

SEO Specialist

Lee Atterton

SEO Executive

Amy Wetherell

Finance Officer


Senior Wellbeing Facilitator


Wellbeing Facilitator



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