A candid approach to the small print

The agreement of Terms and Conditions is a vital part of an initial engagement with a new client but is all to often treated as a bit of an afterthought.

Companies, having wowed with an impressive set of sales materials and a carefully crafted proposal, will then send a frightening looking document of densely set legal wording.

At Candour we believe firmly that honesty and transparency are paramount in all our client communications. When Cracknell Law approached us to collaborate on a project to create a 'visual' Terms and Conditions product we leapt at the opportunity.

Cracknell Law did an incredible job of crafting a concise legal document that reduces the length of the clauses while retaining their effect.

We are absolutely delighted with our new Terms and Conditions document. Rather than being a very dry document that feels like an onerous part of the customer journey, it now offers a further opportunity to reinforce our brand values and build the relationship with our clients.

Candour’s core ethos is one of transparency and honesty and we want to be able to reassure clients with terms that are clear and completely understandable.

John Skinner

If your organisation is interested in creating a similar set of Ts and Cs, then Ryan Cracknell would be delighted to speak to you on 01603 339044.

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