Aardvark SEO Addon now released for Statamic 3

Following on from Statamic’s launch of version 3 of their CMS earlier this year we have been hard at work updating our Aardvark SEO addon for use with the latest version of Statamic.

We’re excited, overjoyed, over the moon [insert your own hyperbolic idiom here] to say that we’ve launched version 2 of Aardvark on the Statamic marketplace this morning. In order to get Aardvark shipped for Statamic 3 we started from scratch in order to make use of all the new Laravel goodness now available to addon developers, however, it has been well worth it as we’ve paved the way for a few upcoming features which we’ve wanted to add for a while.

What’s new?

Aardvark 2 has a couple of new features which have been requested for a while, some of which were requested in version 1 but weren’t possible at the time.


Site admins can now give permissions to users and user roles within the CMS, allowing non-super-admins to make changes to the SEO settings on the site - previously only super-admins could do this.

Install via composer

You can now run `composer require withcandour/aardvark-seo` to install Aardvark on your Statamic 3 site.

Schema Graph

In the previous version Aardvark we simply put a block of JSON-LD onto the page with some schema objects like Organization and Breadcrumbs, with v2 we’ve moved to generating a @graph object which provide search engines with an interconnecting web of data about your presence on the web - automatically generating WebSite and WebPage schema as well as Breadcrumbs and Organization.

What’s changed?


The redirects interface has changed a little bit in Aardvark 2, we now display a table of redirects which gives users the ability to bulk delete redirects as well as turn them on/off individually.

Multisite / Localization

Statamic 3 has advanced multisite options and Aardvark has been updated to make use of this, as well as allowing users to update SEO settings on each site individually, Aardvark will search the localized content between sites and automatically generate hreflang tags for your pages.

Where can I get it?

Aardvark SEO is available for $49 on the Statamic marketplace as well as being installable through the CMS or composer. We’re looking forward to seeing it out in the wild!

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