Candour are Premier Google Partners

Candour are now a Premier Google Partner, putting them amongst the top tier of high performing agencies that are “demonstrating continual growth for their clients” while maintaining high professional standards.

Google constantly scrutinises agency performance around three core areas: certification, ad spend and performance. These three areas ensure that an agency is knowledgeable, experienced and successful – that is, they know how to optimise a campaign to make you money!

The badge recognises companies we trust to help you succeed on the web with our products.


What does working with a Premier Google Partner mean for you?

Early access to beta tools and features

Being a Premier Google Partner means you’ll get first access to exclusive beta tools and features, such as expanded text ads, before your competitors do. This gives you an early-starter advantage and longer to refine your strategy to integrate new innovations.

Proven on-going results

The performance criteria means you’ll be choosing an agency that not only works with a lot of campaigns, but more importantly, campaigns that have grown over time and clients that have stayed on board and grown too. While choosing a Premier Google Partner won’t guarantee you good results, it can certainly give you the confidence the agency in question is achieving a high level of success with existing clients.

Better access

Sometimes it can be really helpful to have some help from Google. Being a Premier Google Partner means you get to have campaigns reviewed by a senior account manager at Google.

The Candour team are always keen to talk to people about their Google Adwords campaigns, so keen in fact, that we started an entire free meetup about search marketing in Norwich just because we love talking about it so much! If you did want to learn more, it’s a friendly and informal gathering, you’ll meet nice people to chat to about Adwords and there’s even free food and drink, too.

If your Google Adwords needs are a bit more pressing and you need some help, call us today on 01603 957068, fill out our contact form or – alternatively, look us up on Twitter.