Candour launch SEO addon software for Statamic

After a month of private testing, Candour has officially launched 'Aardvark SEO', an SEO addon for the Statamic Content Management System.

If you haven't heard of it, Statamic is a lightweight and super-fast CMS, it is in fact, what the Candour site is built in. Statamic can be a great alternative to Wordpress, but being relatively young, the addon (Wordpress calls them plugins) marketplace is still some way off maturity.

During the build of the Candour site, we noticed that there were some SEO limitations with the CMS that we wanted to address and to do this, we built the Aardvark SEO addon for Statamic.

Aardvark SEO Addon for Statamic

The plugin is priced at $49 (about £37) per site and integrates with any Statamic install giving you:

Redirect control: The ability to manage your redirects from within Statamic, rather than edit the .htaccess file. We've also added a beta feature in launch that will automatically generate 301 redirects for you when the URL for a page changes, or when pages, collections and taxonomies are moved within the site tree.

Schema generation: Any SEO will tell you how important schema is for modern SEO. The Aardvark SEO addon will help you generate schema with JSON-LD and insert it into any page of your site.

Breadcrumbs: Aardvark SEO will automatically generate JSON-LD for breadcrumbs, for all pages automatically so you get the special listing in the SERPs - just we like have!

Candour SERP Breadcrumbs

Webmaster verification: Easily verify your Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex and Baidu Webmaster Console accounts through Aardvark instead of uploading files or modifying the source yourself.

XML Sitemaps: XML Sitemaps will be automatically generated for live, indexable pages. You can even edit the priority and change frequency on a per-page basis under the 'SEO' section.

Open Graph and social media: Specify unique titles, snippets and images for social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

On-page SEO: Extra controls for modifying page titles and descriptions with a built-in hints as well as a preview tool to show you how it will look in the SERPs.

Marketing tools: Google Tag Manager can be enabled and managed through the Aardvark addon, additionally, there is functionality to add verification codes for the major webmaster tools.

Why call it Aardvark SEO?

Two reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to make a really cute Aardvark character. Aardvark SEO logo

Secondly, we noticed that the Statamic Addon Marketplace lists addons alphabetically and the SEO team do love being number one!

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