Framingham Earl High School work experience placement

Alex spent his week getting an overview of how ApplinSkinner takes a client brief and moves through the design, wire framing and coding process.

Before departing, Alex was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions and share his experience.

What have you been working on this week?

This week I have been working on the process of getting the brief from the client to translating that idea into a prototype of the website. I have learnt how to use a wireframe and how to make my website neater by using a 12 column grid. Also, I have started to learn how to program using HTML and CSS.

How does what you’ve been doing here compare to what you’ve been studying to do?

At school I having been learning more about the programming side of computer science and what is inside the computer. Whereas in this week I have been designing a website and picking out the most important pieces of information from the client’s brief. But some of the skills taught at school have helped me in my week, such as programming in Python. Although it is very different from programming in HTML and CSS, it has helped me learn the easy information a lot quicker.

What is it like working in the office compared to how you expected?

I thought it would be a lot harsher and stricter environment but it wasn’t at all. It was an easy-going environment that helped me concentrate on the work that I needed to do.

What do you think the value of work experience is for you, against studying?

The value of work experience for me is seeing an insight into what it feels like working in a profession that I would like to go into. This is very important because at school you can only get an interested into the topic, whereas in the week of work experience you can see if that interest could perhaps turn into a job in the future.

What is something new you’ve learned this week?

I have learnt many things this week from a few shortcuts on the keyboard to a new computing language. But the most important thing I have learnt this week is how to use the software provided to make a prototype of the website. These skills could aid me if I would like to work in website design, or it could aid me if I would like to work in any other type of computing or design jobs.

What are your next plans for study or career?

My current plans are to finish my GCSE at Framingham Earl High School, then I would like to go to Sir Isaac Newton to study Computer Science, Chemistry, and Physics at A-Level.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing work experience?

I would say go for it because it looks good on your CV and your applications for Sixth Form. It is also one of the best work experience out there if you are looking to go into a job that involves computers.

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