Introducing the Search with Candour podcast

As those that are connected or following me on LinkedIn will know, every working day for the last one-hundred-ish days, I have published an "Unsolicited #SEO tip". Just a short sentence or two to drip feed some SEO information that might help someone or dispel some of the many myths and mistruths in our industry.

Surprisingly to me, some of these tips got thousands of views and have collectively generated in excess of 100 comments. I've also received maybe half a dozen messages on LinkedIn (and a few in person) saying that the Unsolicited #SEO tips were helpful and welcome, which quite frankly, delights me. The LinkedIn audience is quite varied geographically, so it makes sense that not everybody can make the SearchNorwich event and I understand that videos are not the right format for everybody. Coming up with the tips is easy, the challenge is actually trying to make them true and self contained without having to add an A4 side of conditions and cavaets.

It crossed my mind that a podcast might be a nice format to discuss some search news and tips on a weekly basis, just keeping it fairly short 15-20 minutes so most people could easily fit it in on a commute should they wish. It would also provide an opportunity to expand on the tips and give more context to make sure I am helping reduce confusion instead of adding to it! I put it out on LinkedIn and got probably the biggest response I've had on the platform, which was hugely encouraging.

With this encouragement as my impetus, we sat down in and under 2 hours, I had written, recorded, edited and uploaded our very first Search with Candour podcast episode.

It's probably a good time to point out that I've never even been on a podcast before, let alone written, recorded and edited one. With the meager equipment and location we have, I think the result is an acceptable start and with your continued encouragement, we'll continue to invest and improve it. Until then, thank you all for the motivation to start and enjoy Episode 1.

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