In search of pastures new; saying goodbye to Kiera

We are very fortunate at Candour that a team member leaving is a relatively rare occurrence. So today, it is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to Kiera Lavington, our Head of Marketing.

Kiera joined us at the very start of 2017 as our first digital marketing employee. Since then, she has played a central role in growing that team to ten. Mark and I will be forever grateful for all the hard work, expertise, enthusiasm and sheer fun that she brought.

As clients who have worked with her will know, her knowledge of SEO is second to none. With her insight and skill, they have seen fantastic results and incredible organic growth.

As a team leader, she has fostered a brilliant team dynamic and maintained this throughout the pandemic and the challenges of full-time remote working.

We've enjoyed every minute of Kiera's time with us and wish her the very best of luck in her new agency role as she moves with her partner to Bristol.

Our Senior SEO Specialist, Simon Griffith, will replace Kiera as our new Head of Marketing. He has some big shoes to fill, but we are delighted to have such an able pair of hands to take the team forward.

Here a few words about Kiera that the team wanted to share. She will be sorely missed:

Kiera’s been an absolute pleasure to work with since day one. From making my understanding of her DM tasks, Tag Manager and Analytics a breeze, to sharing and validating my delectable (terrible) taste in music, she’s been more than a good egg to myself and Candour over the years.

Jack Wakefield, Developer

“It’d be very difficult indeed to ask for a better person than Kiera for a manager and partner in the SEO biz. 

 We’ve only met face-to-face a few times during the year of lockdown that we’ve been working together through. Despite the Zoom-only contact, she’s been a great buddy, a fantastic person to talk to and collaborate with, and I’m looking forward to our staying in touch with each other as she pursues new adventures. 

As well as being a great mind to bounce SEO plans around with, she taught me her totally invented use of the word "munge" (to mean "combine/merge"), which is now a firm favourite in my lexicon. Ultimately, Kiera’s too cool for school - in a good way!”

Brendan Bennett, SEO Specialist

Over the last 4 years, Kiera has become a truly wonderful friend, and 100% a friend for life. She’s not only made my Candour work-life incredibly fun but has also built me up in confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone to be a bad-ass boss gal like her.

India Bobby, Project Manager

“Coming into Candour as a Digital Marketing Executive was a great opportunity and, being my manager, Kiera naturally played the biggest part in helping me develop, expand my knowledge and grow my confidence. 

Starting out, Kiera helped with so much. From site migrations, to link building techniques, as well as believing in me 100% of the time and that has continued throughout the past year and a half. 

We definitely bonded over our love for alcohol (particularly rum!) and having very similar humour; she really did make my first year and a half at Candour sick and I’m so pleased I had a manager who truly believes in me! Buzzing for the road trips down to Bristol!”

Beckie Jordan, Digital PR Specialist

She’s leaving, and that sucks

Rob Lewis, Senior PPC Specialist

“Working with Kiera has been brilliant; not only will she take the time to share some of her wisdom on all things SEO to support development, but she also brings the energy that we all need! From remaining effortlessly calm, solving problems with ease, or just giving us the confidence and hype we need to get through to Friday - Kiera is honestly a real pleasure to work with and will be truly missed.”

Jessica Seymour, Account Strategist

“While I haven't been at Candour long, Kiera still managed to leave have an impact on my time here. Whether it’s by being encouraging in work meetings via Zoom or simply setting up and making us all do book club for our own sakes (or else), as well as generally just being lovely and fun company. Will genuinely be sad for her to go :( ”

Kristiana Sizinceva,  Developer

New in, you’ve shown me incredible support in an unusual situation, I am grateful for your amazing insight, perspective and guidance since joining Candour — thank you.

Simon Griffith, (New) Head of Marketing

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