My work experience week at ApplinSkinner

Last week we had the pleasure of Louis Brady’s company for a week of work experience.

A pupil at Reepham High School, Louis was interested in learning a more about both design and code as well as sampling day-to-day life in an agency.

He answered a few questions about his time with us. We can assure you that no bribe was made in respect of the kind words he had for us.

Louis was an absolute delight to have in the studio and we wish him every success in the future.

What have you been working on this week?

This week, I have been exploring the process of rebranding a company with the help of John Skinner. He helped me to understand roughly how ApplinSkinner work to research the company they are rebranding as well as its competitors, create a mood board, come up with a suitable name and logo and create brand guidelines. I also coded a python script that retweets tweets with certain tags automatically with the help of Mark Cook.

How does what you’ve been doing here compare to what you’ve been studying to do?

It actually fits in very well with what I am studying at school as going through the process of designing with thought and considering different aspects like the ethos of the company will help me with my GCSE Graphics and making a python script unlike anything I have done in school so far will definitely help with my GCSE Computer Science.

What is it like working in the office compared to how you expected?

If somebody told me to imagine an office before this week, I would think of a boring room full of people in suits silently working by themselves for hours but what I found here as soon as I walked into this office on Monday was the complete opposite. I found a room full of brilliant people, helping each other to get the work done to a high standard while maintaining a healthy level of friendly banter.

What do you think the value of work experience is for you, against studying?

Work experience has taught me things I could never have learnt in school. I have found out about how professional designers create these memorable brands, logos and websites from just a few ideas and have discovered just how fun it can be. My week here at ApplinSkinner has also shown me more about what digital design is like and sparked a new interest in that area of work.

What is something new you’ve learned this week?

I have truly learned how important it is to put in the effort required to earn the qualifications needed to be able to work in a place like ApplinSkinner where you can do what you enjoy with people you enjoy working with.

What are your next plans for study or a career?

After GCSE I plan to study computer science as well as graphic design and/or product design at A-Level and at a higher level in the future.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing work experience?

Find someone in an industry that interests you that is willing to take you. Work experience has given me some of the most valuable experience I have had so far in my life and I would not have got that experience from sweeping up and making tea for people. Even if it only serves to show you that that career is not what you thought it was and discourages you from pursuing it, that is still a valuable lesson and could save you from wasting years of education working towards a job that you will discover you don’t enjoy.

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