Plug The Gap Appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic has served to highlight some existing inequalities in society as a whole.

At Candour we are passionate about equality of opportunity and being a constructive part of our local community.

When we became aware of the issues that disadvantaged young people are experiencing with access to computer equipment for remote learning, we were keen to do something to help.

The government provision of laptops to young people is currently inedequate in volume and quality and, speaking to our friends at Osiris Technologies, it quickly became apparent that there is a large number of children and young people who will not qualify for this support at all.

Osiris have a long track record in procuring laptops for schools and charities so we decided to partner on the launch of the Plug the Gap Appeal.

We need money to buy laptops that we can roll out quickly to the cared for, the young carers, the excluded, the vulnerably housed and the forgotten.

We need your donations to help our charity partners reach those falling through the gaps that others can’t reach. You can donate online here.

There are currently estimated to be over 6,000 children in Norfolk without a device to take part in remote learning. However, our charities are aware of a large number that are falling through the gaps in government provision because of extreme circumstances.

These young people will include over seven hundred ’NEETs’ (not in education, employment or training) aged 16-17 and some of the thousands of children excluded from school. Those with Special Educational Needs are a disproportionate part of that group.

We need money to buy laptops that we can roll out quickly to the cared for, the young carers, the excluded, the vulnerably housed and the forgotten.

This new equipment will provide access to learning and opportunity through the pandemic and beyond—new equipment for those that urgently need new hope and a feeling that they deserve it.

Why new equipment?

  1. It means we can get devices quickly into young people’s hands without the need to recondition old machines.

  2. These are kids and young people that often have to accept hand-me-downs. Receiving an exciting box of new equipment will help them feel valued and will be a boost at this particularly tough time.

  3. We want these devices to have the longest possible service life with these young people. Inequality of opportunity won’t end when the pandemic does.

Every day without access to remote learning is a day further behind.

Candour and Osiris Technologies, an IT firm with long experience of sourcing equipment for schools and charities, have come together to launch the Plug The Gap Appeal.

Working in partnership with Norfolk Community Foundation, and a group of prominent local charities, the aim is to ensure the rapid delivery of digital devices to those that need them the most.

To donate online, visit our campaign page on the Norfolk Community Foundation website.

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