Saying ‘goodbye’ to Max

Over the last 5 years, ApplinSkinner has built a reputation for going further than just ‘building websites’ by helping companies with a whole range of digital transformation projects. This has entailed everything from complete rebrands, to building custom middleware to make new, award-winning sites interact with legacy back office software.

Some of our most exciting work came when we embarked with the University of East Anglia, producing apps as part of research projects in the health technology space. This culminated in Max speaking at the Doctors 2.0 conference in Paris on technology in healthcare, a long standing passion of his.

Over the last 18 months, ApplinSkinner has expanded into a new bigger work space, built a digital marketing team that services clients from Seattle to Brisbane, launched a digital skills training partnership and completed its biggest software project since inception. On top of all this growth, the management team has been planning on how it would be possible to incubate a joint-venture within the health technology space. After much exploration, it was apparent that the only feasible approach was ‘both feet’, giving Max a very hard decision to make.

ApplinSkinner’s core goal for 2018 is to make it the best possible place to work for our staff. Why staff first? Because we believe it’s only possible to give great service and have our team drive innovation if they are fulfilled and happy within their roles. It was with this in mind that Max came to the decision to make the leap into the health technology sector and over the last few months, moved to a part-time role, handing his responsibilities and projects over to the wider team.

I would like to thank the team for joining me on the ApplinSkinner journey, I will greatly miss working with such an accomplished and supportive group.

Max Applin

We made the announcement on the first week back to our team internally and laid out our intention to relaunch our website with a new brand in 2018, which is still being hotly debated.

Co-directors John Skinner and Mark Cook will now jointly lead the team as Managing Creative Director and Managing Digital Director respectively.

Rather than talk about 2018, I’d like to say a “thank you” to Max on behalf of the whole ApplinSkinner team for your contribution over the last 5 years. You brought together the best team I’ve worked with in the last 13 years in this sector and have instilled a wonderful culture at ApplinSkinner that I’m sure will see it well into the future.

Good luck from all of us in your new venture!

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