Snoozing without losing - The Marketing Meetup: Norwich

One of the most common marketing concerns we hear, especially from time poor smaller businesses, is "how do I know my social media activity is getting me a return?".

The truth is, a lot of the time, your social media activity isn't generating a good return regardless of whether you want to measure it in revenue generated, brand awareness or advocacy. Social media is hugely time-consuming to do well and without a careful plan and the right tools to help you, it is unlikely you'll get traction or see long-term success.

We're fast moving into a digital world where automation such as chat bots or auto-suggestions like we've seen recently appear in Gmail and LinkedIn are reaching a point where they are truly helpful to the end user and time-saving for those operating them.

If that sounds like something you want to hear more about, you can come and see our 7 minute lightning talk at The Marketing Meetup: Norwich on Tuesday 30th October.

If you haven't been before, The Marketing Meetup is a wonderful event where you can meet like-minded marketers who are in "listen, not sell" mode. The event is free to attend, and you can register on The Marketing Meetup

Who you can see at this meetup:

Adam Tuckwell, Mobas: A talk on Failure

Lightning talks: Taylor Gathercole, Mark Cook, Mira Nair, Jodie Cole

Did we mention there's free food and drink, too?

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