Talking SEO at nor(DEV):con 2019

February 21st will see the turn of the region's biggest tech conference, nor(dev):con at The King's Centre.

Starting Thursday and spanning over three days, the conference has an updated format which includes a dedicated Process Track (not just Agile!) and a People Track which aims to focus on a more holistic view of life in tech. Regular tracks such as the Schools Day, designed to encourage students into tech and favourites like the Business Track are also set to return.

On the Friday, the wine reception will be held in the main hall where you can see speakers old and new present Lightning Talks during networking, ahead of the main event.

You can catch us talking SEO at the Free Conference Special event on Thursday.

Conference Special: Developers! Developers! Developers! & "Don't fire your SEO."

  • Date: Thursday 21st February
  • Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Venue: The King's Centre
  • Talk 1: Developers! Developers! Developers! What can today‚Äôs Microsoft offer you? - Tom Morgan, Microsoft MVP
  • Talk 2: "Don't fire your SEO" - Mark Williams-Cook, Director, Candour
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The Friday and Saturday days will see talks ranging from C# and Augmented Reality to Motivation and Gamedev culture. You can see the massive full schedule for all three days here.

We hope to see you there!

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