The Dating MBA: When Love Meets Metrics with Lidia Infante

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Show notes

Lidia Infante⁠ joins ⁠Jack Chambers-Ward⁠ for the most innuendo-filled episode of Search With Candour ever. Lidia takes Jack through her dating life and how it helped her understand customer journeys and optimisation.

  • Understanding the Sales Pipeline: From leads (MQLs, SQLs) to opportunities and closed deals.
  • Choosing a North Star: The guiding metric that shapes your strategy.
  • Iterative Goal-Driven Optimisation: Experimenting with your strategy to impact your north star.
  • Lead Qualification: Identifying and pursuing the right opportunities, be it in love or business.
  • Red/Blue Ocean Strategy: Standing out in a crowded market (or dating pool).
  • How to use these concepts to grow in your career.

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