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It has been found that children’s career ambitions are already limited before they reach secondary school by what they see around them. Too few young people in Norwich go on to achieve successful careers or move onto further learning.

As proud citizens of Norwich, Candour was delighted to be chosen to work with Norwich Opportunity Area on an exciting new project called Vlog Your Future. The challenge was to help encourage young people to start thinking and talking about prospective career opportunities and to inform aspirations for those from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

Guided by the mantra of ‘anything is possible’, Candour designed and developed a project that gets students themselves to inspire their peers to think big and aim high.

Traditional careers-based campaigns encourage young people to think big, but we saw an opportunity to use existing social platforms to ‘show’ rather than just ‘tell’ them what is possible. There are some incredibly exciting companies offering a diverse range of career paths in Norwich and who better to show this to young people than young people themselves?

Vlogging is a huge part of how young people consume content online. From gaming to music, to fashion and fitness, young people spend a lot of time viewing and creating video content on platforms such as Youtube and TikTok. We felt that vlog-style videos of work experience days would be the perfect vehicle for carrying the message of ‘anything is possible’ in a believable, readily consumable way.

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ITV News, Immersive Studios and Norwich City Football Club have very kindly opened their doors to help and further excitement is being generated through an online call for entries to a ballot for children to be chosen for each work experience day.

We are extremely excited to see the entries coming in and look forward to reporting back when the winners are picked!

Candour are managing supporting campaigns across paid search and social, helping to ensure visibility in more disadvantaged areas in the city and have also designed offline materials to be shared in schools.

We are extremely excited to see the entries coming in and look forward to reporting back when the winners are picked!

If you live in Norwich and have children between the ages of 9 and 13, why not enter them at the Vlog Your Future website?

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