Senior Wellbeing Facilitator


Snoop found himself plunged into the role of Wellbeing Facilitator in April 2017, after spending almost 2 years in the care of PACT Animal Sanctuary.

Using his creative skills to develop what he calls the ‘work-day well-being package’, Snoop hopes to positively contribute to the well-being of all those around him.

Snoop’s approach is to lead by example and starts each day greeting everyone (a bonding tactic used to foster an atmosphere of inclusion).

Candour takes physical and mental well-being very seriously and Snoop is an advocate of the mid-morning nap, which can improve creativity and increase productivity.

The wealth of research showing the benefits of exercise breaks for those working in an office has seen Snoop recently integrate a daily walk into his routine.

If you need cheering up during your day, feel free to follow Snoop on Instagram.

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