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The problem

Lovewell Blake, a large firm of accountants and financial advisors, loves to innovate. Since its foundation in 1858, it has grown to become a large team of specialists serving a broad portfolio of clients from their seven offices across East Anglia.

By retaining its independence, Lovewell Blake can offer a highly personalised, customer-centric approach. As they state proudly, they are 'different, because you are'.

On being given the brief to redesign their website, we quickly identified that they had a bit of an image problem. Far from reflecting their individuality and personalised service, the website was quite literally grey.

The solution

We challenged the existing brand guidelines to freshen up the palette and introduce a more flexible suite of design components. We also gave direction to commission photography that showed their team working with clients rather than sitting in isolation as they had been previously.

It was also clear that we needed to readdress the core information architecture, particularly around business areas and services.

We created user personas representing key customers types from across the business areas through workshop sessions with the partners. This exercise enabled us to create a functional and informational hierarchy that took its lead from their users' specific goals and challenges.

They needed to communicate instantly that they can serve businesses of all sizes, from micro-business startups to large corporations. In addition, thet needed to encourage enquiries with clear calls to action.

The services offered overlap, but the approach and specific expertise required for each are very different. As such, this work led us to create a clear definition between the individual services they offer and the business sectors they serve.

We created sector landing pages that allowed Lovewell Blake to speak directly to each type of customer and highlight the services that would be most important to each.

The results

Separating the services gave us the search-friendly structure to create knowledge hubs that would house the wealth of helpful evergreen content that their team produces.

We rebuilt the site using a modern flat-file CMS, which ensures incredible performance for the end-user, together with other site optimisations.

In addition, we created linked microsites for the Financial Planning and Business Recovery units, allowing them to service a different target audience while maintaining a singular codebase for hosting and ongoing maintenance.

Lovewell Blake now has a flexible and extensible digital platform designed for users and built for search.

A high-performing platform for search

Candour's in-house digital marketing experts consider optimisation for search at all stages of the design and build process. This, together with ongoing SEO consultancy and optimisation, has ensured that Lovewell Blake has seen some brilliant improvements in organic visibility and lead generation.

Over a six month period, the number of non-branded terms which Lovewell-Blake rank for has increased dramatically and we have seen a 322% increase in year-on-year contact form submissions.

Our work with Lovewell Blake has contributed to a significant increase in the quantity and quality of website leads.

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