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An intelligent, multi-faceted redesign of an e-commerce PPC campaign portfolio that brought incredible results.

The challenge

Fairfax & Favor were in search of a new agency to raise the bar on their PPC performance. The goal was to drive new, first-time customers to the brand, bolstering long-term revenue growth.

Our goals for the PPC campaign were:

  • Acquire new first-time customers
  • Increase overall ROI through acquisition activities
  • Reduce reliance on brand bidding

Our approach

We conducted an in-depth acquisition audit, identifying the cost per acquisition and ROI of each major digital channel. In addition, a full technical analytics audit and customer profile analysis was completed.

With these insights, we undertook a complete re-structure of the PPC campaign, introducing intelligent remarketing for search campaigns that focused on customer behaviour signals.

Alongside this, contextual search campaigns were implemented that focussed less on traditional keywords and more on the intent and demographic profile of the user.

The results

In just three months our newly re-optimised PPC campaign and strategy generated:

  • 77% increase in new customer acquisition
  • 65% increase in new customer revenue
  • 171% increase in new customer acquisition ROI

Outside of our new customer growth drive, the results during the first three months across the entire PPC portfolio produced and impressive:

  • 70% increase in transactions
  • 60% increase in revenue
  • 86% increase in ROI

Working on an ongoing basis with Fairfax & Favor, we continue providing them with acquisition insights to help them better understand how new customers are acquired, enabling the PPC campaign to generate record sales, year on year.

Unlike other agencies I have worked with, the reporting is crystal clear and all of our questions are answered honestly and in a timely manner. I couldn't rate these guys any higher.

Rhian Daisy Nicholls, eCommerce Manager

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