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Record-breaking results for a large annual PPC account that was leaking profit and required a thorough audit and ongoing optimisation.

The challenge

AdventureFree ran a large, multi-brand PPC account with in-house staff and scripts to automate keyword selection. They sought 5 agencies from around the world to audit their account, awarding on-going management to the agency that offered the most significant insight.

Our approach

Candour provided a detailed report with in-depth recommendations that highlighted significant room for improvement. We were consequently awarded the management of the account over all AdventureFree brands. The Candour development team also produced scripts that could synchronise data over Google Analytics, Google Adwords and the Salesforce system that AdventureFree used.

The results

The combination of the extra valuable ‘final sale’ data and Candour’s strategy saw the account make massive leaps in profitability.

The Candour optimisation process delivered a 48% decrease in cost per sale for AdventureFree, providing some of their best results to date.

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