We don’t have to search for your brand; we need to simply approach the problem of telling your story in an engaging and memorable way. Candour helps organisations to find their authentic voice and crafts beautiful identities that become effective platforms for growth.

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Our tight-knit team of experienced designers ensures that your project will be undertaken by seasoned professionals with an award-winning pedigree. Our brands have helped clients to grasp new opportunities, break records and celebrate excellence.

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Building the foundations

A brand framework is most powerful when it is the articulation of what the organisation stands for and its aims rather than an imposed fabrication.

Candour works with businesses to help draw out the foundations of their brand by establishing a structure that includes a mission, vision, personality and essence. Together with an understanding of your audience (whether from market research or experience) we will then create a brand positioning statement.

  • Mission – one sentence outlining the core purpose of the organisation. It should be simple, yet motivational. A good mission statement is succinct and concentrates on the 'what' and the 'who'.
  • Vision – one sentence describing what you would like your organisation to become or the impact you want it to make/contribute to.
  • Essence – one word/short phrase to describe the ‘heart and soul’ of your brand.
  • Personality – if your organisation were a person, how would he/she be described?
  • Brand positioning statement – a device that explains your organisation’s unique value/point of difference within the market and how that benefits its customers.

A collaborative process

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Through a process of remote questionnaires and internal workshops, Candour will facilitate a collaborative process that pulls together key stakeholders. Working in this way helps to create processes based in frank discussion which creates a platform of consensus and mutual understanding.

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Throughout the design process we use tools to ensure effective communication between us and your stakeholder team. From online, interactive moodboarding, to inclusion on our internal project management tools, we place you firmly at the centre of the Candour design team.

Our core campaign is on track to hit its target and our partnership with Candour has been a major part of its success.

Graeme Byrne, Director of Development, UEA

From a gentle evolution to a complete re-positioning or the creation of a completely new visual identity; we always relish the opportunity to support organisations in achieving their full potential.

Candour would love to work with you to create an identity that can help to transform how you communicate with your audience, engage your team in the pursuit of your vision and provide an effective platform for growth.

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