Internal values development

A clearly defined set of internal values provides a clear roadmap for staff and will actively support your mission and vision. Candour will work hand in hand with your team to define your unique values and to help embed these within your organisation.

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Internal values represent the guiding principles of an organisation. They will help shape a positive working culture and will be an important recruitment tool for both attracting and choosing new team members.

Candour will guide your team through a process of workshops and/or interviews to pull out what it is that makes your organisation unique.

Your values are a unique set of shared principles that define how your work is carried out.

The benefits of defining a set of internal values

  • They will become the guiding principles of your organisation
  • They help shape a positive working culture
  • They inspire action in support of the vision and mission
  • They are an invaluable HR tool for promoting constructive behaviours

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