Episode 131: The end of season 1!

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In this episode, you will hear Mark Williams-Cook wrapping up season 1 after 130 episodes and introduce season 2 co-host Jack Chambers.


Welcome to episode 131 of the Search with Candour podcast, recorded on Friday, the 1st of October 2021. My name is Mark Williams-Cook and in this episode... In this episode, I am actually here to tell you that this is the end. The end, at least, of season one of Search with Candour. After 130 episodes and two and a half years of recording, I decided that this was the logical time to wrap up season one. We're actually making some really exciting changes and we're going to be coming back with a bigger and better season two.

From season two, I will be joined by a co-host by the name of Mr. Jack Chambers, who is a very talented SEO Specialist here at Candour. So Jack is going to be hosting the show with me, giving his opinions on all of the SEO PPC news that we cover. Jack also is hugely experienced at podcasting. He actually has his own very, very popular podcast, way more popular than this one, called 'The Sequelisers', which is about fixing bad movie sequels. So if you want to hear someone rant and swear about Star Wars for four hours in one episode, he is definitely someone you want to check out. But it is a really, really good podcast. If you want to get used to his voice, you can just Google or search on a podcast app for 'The Sequelisers' and you will find Jack. I think his Season Nine of Sequelisers is kicking off tomorrow, if you're listening to this on Monday as well.

But big things coming for the podcast. Really excited about how we're going to improve things in the new year. And of course, this 130 episodes we've done, we've been really, really lucky to have some fantastic guests here, so I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that's been on the podcast. In the show notes, as usual,, I'm going to put links to all of the episodes that we've had guests on, because usually the guests that are coming on are talking about subjects that are, from a content point of view, evergreen, so there's still a lot of value. If you haven't listened to these interviews, to these talks we've done, to these people all over the industry. So I'm just going to read out a list of the guests we've had on the show and what they came to talk about to see if you've heard them, and just, again, to say a big thanks to them.

So in reverse chronological order big thanks to:

We also had:

And week before that, we had:

So you'll find links to all of these posts on the show notes at Again, massive thank you to everyone who took the time to come speak to me, share their knowledge with everyone. Really appreciate it.

As I said, I haven't got an exact date of when we'll be back. It'll be around 12 weeks, early 2022, after Christmas.

And the last things I want to end on are, of course, Candour is still hiring. So we are looking to find someone with an interest in link building and digital PR. There's a job ad on our site. It's a UK hybrid or remote role with profit share and private healthcare. So check that out or tell a friend if you know someone that might be suitable. is launching this month so I'm super busy with that at the moment, on top of everything else. And if you are listening to this on Monday, I'm actually speaking at SEO Square tomorrow, on Tuesday in the afternoon, along with some great other SEOs. It's an event organized by Semji and I'm doing a half an hour talk about why keywords with zero volume are more important than ever, and there'll be a Q&A session with that as well.

And then that's it really. Until then, until that time, I hope you have a great week, weeks, couple of months. And I really look forward to joining you with Jack in the new year and bringing you more SEO news, commentary, interviews. And of course, Rob will be making an appearance again, to talk to us more about PPC. Take care, everyone.

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